The difference we make

„A heartbeat is the first thing you hear in life. No wonder a rhythm unites us.“

We have learned in thousands of events how musical interaction moves people into a community. It is a perfect metaphor for leadership, teamwork and communication.

We use the power of rhythm in a targeted manner in order to transfer the incomparable experience onto business processes and embed the good feeling in the hearts and minds.

Drum Cafe is the worldwide pioneer and market leader for interactive drumming events and one of the leading organizations for interactive teambuilding. Every participant, from 10 to 10.000 and more, will get his own rhythm instrument and become part of an incomparabel experience. It is an ingenious method to experience cooperation, dealing with new challenges, community, communication and mutual respect with fun of a thrilling nature. Thousands of events with millions of participants have created enthusiastic feedback from companies and organiza- tions. Every month Drum Cafe reaches a further 100,000 participants of national and international top companies worldwide.

We are looking forward to making the messages of your event unforgettable.